UK2000 Scenery has introduced a new range of good quality add-ons that are totally FREE, these are designed for users
on a budget, a slower PC or just what a basic scenery that is still miles better than the MSFS default

. AFCAD taxiways and aprons (Xtreme version uses a high res purpose made ground)
. Lines up with UK Photographic scenery
. Airfield terrain remodelled to avoid 'Cliffs' (FSX version)
. Dozens of Objects (Xtreme version has hundred of objects)
. Some Moving FSX Jetways (Xtreme version has all the Jetways)
. Detailed airport buildings (Xtreme version has many many more and higher details)
. Versions for FS9, FSX Original, SP1,Acceleration and SP2 version
. FSX version is 100% Pure FSX Coding, and fast frame rates.


9/02/2008 Edinburgh Free Released. This will be first of many airports release in the Free range

2/03/2008 Gatwick Free for released

17/05/2008 Stansted Free for released

28/01/2010 Manchester Availble but on new site
This site will slowly be phased out and the FREE versions will be move the Xtreme webpages.
20/12/2008 Bristol Free release

05/07/2008 Glasgow Free released