FSX and UK2000 Scenery
Update 29/08/2009

I've learnt some new tricks with FSX, which means in future I can go back to having some internal details to airport
piers even with SP2. The new scenery compiler that Im working on will also allow more FSX effects and textures to
be used compared with the old system.

Update 18/07/2008


I can now make FSX Specific Jetways. They do suffer from the same bugs as the default Jetways as the animation is
internal to the sim and cant be changed, but at least you no longer have to put up with the default Jetway look.

Birmingham will get these new Jetwasy first, then Heathrow Xtreme. The older products will not get updated until
the next production cycle or if enough people nag me to do it!

Im nearly there with the SP2 conversion, only Bristol Xtreme remaining which should be the end of July.

I've now droped the old FS9 Service fleet. It was a great system and I could have improved it more. But you cant
have two type of service fleet in FSX, and as Microsoft provide no method to get rid of theres I have to wave the
white flag and accept all future airport servive vehicles will have to use the default method.

Update 17/12/2007
With the new FSX SP2 and Acceleration versions of FSX, its all change yet again!. There has to be a new version
of the Xtreme range to work correctly with this FSX Variant. I will probably not bother trying to tweek the current
FS9 code system but continue on and finish off the Pure FSX code system. I cant say exactly when the pure FSX
code verison will be ready, but sometime between November and the end of the year is likely

VFR Airfields project will also use this new system to insure it works correctly with FSX SP2

Update 17/05/2007

1) NEW May updates for all FSX products. Due to the release of FSX SP1, there are a few problems in using the
old version. So new updates are being released

3) There will not be a FSX version of UK2000 Part1-8 due to FSX is NOT compatible.
(FSX SP1 has done little for this)
This also effects singles, RAF south and Heathrow Pro (new Heathrow Due summer 2007)

Now the GOOD NEWS! - "UK2000 Lite"
As annouched at the IFC show, a new product will be made for users of FSX who are desperate to have the
UK2000 Scenery Part collection working (and british airport users).

The name has not yet been decided, so this 'lite' name is just for reference. Names like 'UK2000 VFR Airfields' are
a possible name. As I have said I dont yet have the time to remake the models from the old 1-8 for FSX, and also I
want to carry on with main airports, scotland and Ireland before doing so. But I have to do something as the demand
from users is very high.

The idea is to make a new set of ground files using FSX taxiways and aprons using FSX textures. These will be
made to fit exactly in to the Horizon VFR Generation X scenery. In addition the old Parts1-8 models will be
converted in to a format that can work in FSX.

I will be making the actual conversion tool sand ground layout tools required for this process, but it's likely I will get
someone else to do the airfield layouts. This will enable me to carry on with the other projects.

The estimated time scale is late 2007 for Volume1, there should be basic replacement for Parts1-8 that does work
in FSX. Some bits will be lost in this conversion and will not include anything new. So users of FS9 will not be
missing out and should stick to the current Parts 1-8.