Welcome to Cumbernauld Airport
accurate and stunning
FS scenery.

For Microsoft FS2004,FSX & PREPAR3D!

Welcome to Cumbernauld Airport EGPG. The airport was opened in 1988 and
was on the site of smaller grass airfield started in 1966. The new airport has
an asphalt runway and is conveniently located between Glasgow and
Edinburgh. The airport offers facilities and services including flying and
helicopter training.

There are 2 large hangers, several smaller hangers a control center and
airport cafe.
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Full detail Buildings
Realistic Ground Markings
Hi Res ground image
Grass effects
Stone,ashalt and concrete h
Airport Vehicles
Excellent Frame Rates
Animated objects
Refueling station
Full set of signs

Industrial estate
Animated Fire Vehicle
Open Hanger
Terrain blending
Night lights
Road Traffic
Bushes,trees and shrubs
Static Aircraft
Manual and Options
Special 'Effects'

The scenery is made with new hi-detail surface textures that produce 3D crack
and edge effects. It also has thousands of 3D grass 'blands' and shrubs
around the airfield to give a realistic feeling of the scottish landscape. In
addition to the main airport you also get the nearby industrial estate
compleate with 3D cars and trucks. some of which are animated.
You can try Cumbernauld Extreme for Free, please download our demo of the product