Scenery Library Guide

This guide is here to help users understand there Flight sim scenery Library system.

What is the Scenery Library?
It is a list of scenery areas that the flightsim loads up and displays. The list includes both default and addon
scenery areas.

Why do I need to use it?
All users should now how to use and maintain there Library. If you dont get to know it, then you will not how
to solve certain problems. One of main reasons to understand your Library is to manually add and remove
scenery areas. Sometimes it is nessary to manually install addon scenery, you will also want to remove add
scenery as often installers can remove scenery automatically and its then the users job to remove.
Assuming you have your scenery copied/installed to a folder on your PC, this series of
images will help explain what to do.

2) On all sims, click 'Add Area'
3 ) For FS9 and FSX, a file browser will appear, for Prepar3d an extra Click on Browse is
needed. For all sims, you browse, find and SINGLE click the folder containing your files.
3 ) For FS9 and FSX, Click OK, then you will encounter a windows BUG, the screen will change,
you then click anywhere inside the 'white area' as shown, the window will thenclose, then click

1) Start your flightsim, for FS2004 and FSX click settings from your Start Screen
For Prepar3D, start any flight, click your menu, then scenery Library
How do I install a new scenery area?