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Where's the Manaul?
It installed!, click START-ALL PROGRAMS-UK2000 Scenery - [Product name] -MANUAL


When I run the setup.exe it displays 'Please insert disc 1', what does that mean?
You have to 'extract' the EXE from the ZIP before you execute it. To do that, just drag the EXE file to your desktop
On my Xtreme range product installation, it says this, "protection file is corrupt", how to I solve this?
Please download the latest version, this system has been removed to prevent this.
For VFR Airfields Volume1,2 or 3, I don't fully understand the options system.
The options program is designed to allow you to configure the product to more exacting needs
First off, all changes you make will only be applied when you click the "Exit and apply", so you
can cancel by clicking 'cancel changes', or clicking the windows close box.
The list of Airports on the right have a tick box next to them. If you untick the box, then
all parts of that airport will be removed. If ticked then it will installed, but you then have more
options for that airfield in the window above it that will be applied. These options are:
  • Install Static Aircraft
  • Install Road Traffic
  • Install Base image

    Static aircraft and road traffic are self explanatory. The 'base image' is the photographic image of the airport
    which is drawn on the ground, it has been modified from the original Gen-X image to make it more up to date,
    remove parts that don't work well and change the colours to blend better. The option is there, just in case you
    have made your own airport base image.

    On the right of the these three tick boxed, it says 'ALL'

    This means install or not install ALL static for every airfield in the product. For example select 'ALL'
    next to the Static Aircraft, it will ask a simple Question. Select 'NO' then each airfields static
    option will be UNTICKED. This can be checked by simply moving down the airport list.

    I use FS9, but the setup says it cant find my FS9 installation, why?
    Your FS9 registry entry is either not there or is not valid. The setup needs this information to correctly install. You need to reinstall FS9 or atleast correct the windows regitry entry.The minimum required is the EXE path like this.

    A fresh proper install of FS9 will also have many more keys, but FSX SP1 and some scenery addons are know to destroyed the FS9 registry entry!.
  • Purchasing

    If I purchase for FS9 would it be valid for FSX? (or the other way)
    If the product listed shows a version that is for both sims, then you are entitled to download and use both types. However I cant guarantee that a future version made for the next sim will be free, it depends on the amount of work put in.
    Is your website ordering system secure?
    We dont take you credit card details, that is handled by Paypal or SWREG(which are secure). So our site does not need any secure parts,and we never get to see your credit card number.
    I dont have a paypal account, how to I purchase?
    You dont need one!, its commen mith that you need a account to use paypal. You just need a credit or debit card.
    I have just purchased, but my email is not accepted, why?
    There is delay between purchase and your email being added to the system. In some situations the server may lose the information. Please wait 24 hours after purchase, and then try again. If your email is still not accepted please
    I have just purchased, but I have not received an email, why?
  • For UK2000 Xtreme range(Activated versions), use your Email to activate. There is no need for us to send anything.

  • For other products, you should be sent download link, or a Link to your Login page.
    Please wait 24Hours, if nothing has arrived use this form
  • Scenery problems - Graphics

    VFR Airfields Specific:
    I have installed VFR Airfields, but all the airfields have no buildings,why?
    Turn up your scenery complexity settings to at least 'Normal' use Extreamely Dense for all objects and buidlings.

    My taxi centre line seams to 'twinkle' or break up into section, why?
    This is a normal effect when a thin colour is applied to background, there are steps you can take, like turning on anti-anialising. In some situation I will admit that we could improve the effect by changes to the texture, but in most cases it is a normal part of computer graphics.
    Why is everything so blurred!
    First off, texture settings. Start FSX, click settings- Customise, then click the scenery tab and make sure texture resolution is 60cm or better. Then click the Graphics tab, and turn the 'Global texture resolution' to VERY HIGH. For FS9 the names are slightly different, but do the same thing. Now if you want it any clearer you have to change the MIP BIAS. This is a setting that is available in the FS9 settings, but for some reason, was taken out of FSX, so the only way to do this is to start editing your FSX CFG. The difference by doing this is enormous! The down side is that some objects may appear to twinkle in the distance. Personally I don't mind that effect, Id much rather see clearly for miles than the default FSX blur effect.
    Follow these steps to change your MIP

  • You MUST have access to 'Hidden' Windows files, to do that, In explorer, select Tools/Folder Options/View then check "Show hidden files and folders" also, uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"

  • Browse and find your FSX.CFG file.
    Normally at C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX (Windows XP)
    For Vista it would read C:Users\"user name"\Appdata\Roaming\Microsof\FSX. You will usually get to it by selecting the "User name" option at the top of the folders tree in "Computer"
  • Open the file with Notepad and find the section [Display] then add or change this line "MipBias=7"
  • Now search for any other section that start with 'Display'. On my Pc I also have this
    [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.0]
    Again add the line "MipBias=7"
  • Save the file, and start FSX
  • Scenery problems - Jetways

    Xtreme Range FSX SP2 and VFR Airfields Volume 1 Jetways
    When I press Ctrl+J, nothing happens, why?
    FSX Default Jetways only work if there is the correct 'exits' data in the aircraft.cfg file. A lot of addon aircraft don't have this infomation. Test the Jetway with a default FSX Aircraft, it should work
    The Jetway works, but does not line up well, why?
    FSX Default Jetways do have some alignment problems, but as it's an internal system. we cant change it.
    Other Jetways
    How to I get them to move?
    Our own design jetways will move if you change NAV1, doesn't matter what you change it to, just change it. The Jetway will then move in or move out. However check the manual first, only some Jetways move.
    The Jetways height does not match my aircraft, why?
    Our own design jetways use the pilots 'eye' point to work out what aircraft you have. Some addon aircraft have an incorrect eye position relative to the aircraft type. You can change the eye point, by editing the aircraft.cfg file.

    Scenery problems - ILS/Navaids

    My ILS does not line up, why?
    There are no known problems, however an AFD/AFCAD conflict may be the reason. Please Email us and lets us known which ILS is out.

    There are, of cause, some ILSs that are 'offset'. Many users beleave ILSs always line up with the runway. This is not the case, many to not on purpose to avoid terrain or restricted airspace. The Ilse of Man is a prime example, it is meant to be offset.

    Scenery problems - Ground

    Using UK2000 Part4, a lot of the airfields have a very blurred ground, why?
    This was the system used to design it.
    Using VFR Airfields, I get some airports with black or white areas around it, why?
    You will need the FSX SP1 update this will fix the bug in FSX that create black areas around photoscenery

    Scenery problems - Terrain

    At some airports the ground falls away inside the airfield and my plane sinks, why?
    You must set at least a 5 metre terrain setting when using our products, a good example if you dont is Bristol, where the taxiway, fence and trees will float in the air (near runway 09).
    Using UK2000 Parts1-8, I get massive 'cliffs', why?
    Most FS airport have to be flat, but real airports are not, so the edges will have unrealistic drops, in addtion FS default heights are higher than they should be. In FS2004 it is almost impossible to prevent these cliffs.

    Scenery problems - Night time

    With my Xtreme range airport, there are no night lights on the buildings, why?
    You must be using FSX SP2 and the original FSX Xtreme range airport. That mix does not work, please use the FSX Sp2 version of the product .

    Scenery problems - Others

  • UK2000 Parts1-8:
    At some of my UK2000 Part 1-8 airports, like Coventry and East Midlands, I don't get centre lines or taxiways, why?
    Please turn up your scenery complexity settings, they will then appear.

  • VFR Airfields Specific:
    I dont like the balloon at Southend, or the airship near Halton, can I remove them?
    Yes, but other object in the airport area will go as well, default FSX objects are in the file EG??_FSXXML1.bgl. So for Southend, delete EGMC_FSXXML1.bgl from the scenery folder.

  • FSX in General:
    While landing my FSX reported an object crash, why?
    Sometimes an FSX default Object will cause a crash dispite being no where near it. It's not common, but there have been the odd reported crash with a FSX tree, mainly using addon aircraft. In each case we could not duplicate the effect and could be a localised bug with the PC/FSX. We cant control FSX, we just place objects and cant remove the crash dectection from the default objects (all our home made objects have no crash code). All you can do is turn off the crash detection in the realism settings. If it's with a tree, you can delete the airfields tree file, example "EGHD_Trees_FSX.bgl" is the tree file for Plymouth.
    Using VFR Airfields, I get some airports with black or white areas around it, why?
    You will need the FSX SP1 update this will fix the bug in FSX that create black areas around photoscenery
  • AI Aircraft Problems

  • General Issues
    My Ai aircraft to not line up with the scenery, why?
    Lets assume we are talking about a large difference, like aircraft inside buildings or taxiing over grass, then the most likely cause is an 'AFD/AFCAD' conflict. The AFD/AFCAD file is used to show the AI where to go. If your AI dont taxi correctly, then FS is using the wrong file. Some times it's a simple problem, like you have installed an AI add-on like 'FS Traffic' or "MyTRaffic-X" and it's AFD/AFCAD is being used. If this is the case you need to ensure the product file is not used by removing the conflicting file, if you get stuck please use the forum and I'm sure someone can help.
  • UK2000 scenery Part 1-8 Specific Issues
    Why are my AI floating in the air?
    UK2000 Parts 1-8 and its singles used the SAME airport height as the default scenery. Therefore the only reason for this happen is that you have another add-on that has changed the height, Or you have directly altered the default FS2004/2002 scenery. (there are tool that can to this). So I'm afraid you have to find out what you have done and make the airport height go back to what it should be.
  • FSX Specific Issues
    Some of my AI have vanished after installing VFR Airfields , why?
    VFR Airfields will install FSX coded AI flightplans, however there is a problem if you use FS9 coded AI flightplans from the various AI add-ons (like Ultimate Traffic or Traffic X). It looks like you cant mix FSX and FS9 coded AI flightplans together. If you use one of these add-ons, like Ultimate traffic, then you will have to deselect the VFR AI flightplans using the options program.
    My AI have vanished at my Xtreme range airport , why?
    Yet another bug in FSX SP2, means that FS9 coded AI aircraft in combination of some FS9 scenery code, causes AI to vanish. This should not happen if you use the SP2 version of the Xtreme range airport with FSX SP2
    Some of my AI aircraft back track the runway after landing instead of going straight ahead to the next exit, as in real life. Why is this?
    This is a combination of the way that the MSFS hard coding works, and the air files for some ai aircraft systems. In FS9 the hard code makes aircraft taxi to the allocated parking spot by the shortest route, and in FSX the aircraft taxi to the parking spot via the nearest runway exit when they finish their landing role. This is overcome in our products by using methods to "trick" the aircraft into taxiing the correct way, but this has to work for a particular runway in both directions, so can only be used in a limited zone. Some ai systems, such as WOAI, have models where the aircraft stop too soon on their landing roll, and so stop before they reach the triggers that stop back tracking. There is nothing we can do to stop this, as it involves admending the air files for these aircraft. This problem is particularly apparent at airfields where the apron is at one end of the runway, such as Gatwick, Stansted and London City.
  • AFD Conflicts

    Click here for an explanation of AFD/AFCAD Conflicts
    It is unfortunately that one of the biggest problems in FS has not been resolved by ACES. The AFD data is a special file that contains the basic layout of an airport. If you replace that airport with another, the designer will provide a replacement AFD file. The AFD file in theory uses the 'layering' system as part of the FS Scenery Library and should insure the correct AFD file is used for the scenery. But despite 3 sim releasing having this system, it still doesn't correctly work and multiple AFD files will conflict and effect the add-on scenery.

    Traditionally UK2000 have only used the AFD file to make sure AI aircraft taxi and park correctly. With the release VFR Airfields for FSX, this is no longer true and the AFD files directly displays scenery. So any conflict will not only effect AI aircraft , it will also effect the visuals of the product as well. So its become a even more annoying problem for users when they get an AFD conflict. Most conflicts are a result of another airport AFD file, for example if you have Gatwick Free, then you have to remove it before using Gatwick Xtreme. Dealing with our own product is simple, but gets complex when dealing with other developers products. The most common conflict comes with AI add-on packages like FS Traffic, My-Traffic and Ultimate traffic. These add-ons will install there own airport AFD files. You need to delete these files or else problems will occur. As I said this is especially true for VFR Airfields for FSX.

    What can I do?
    You have to find the AFD scenery folder that is used by the conflicting add-on, and manually remove the airport files that conflict. Nearly all AFD files will have the airport code name as part of the file name For example My Traffic X would use this folder
    [FSX folder]/MyTraffic/scenery/

    It will then have a list of files. Lets take Southampton Airport as an exmaple, like "BR2_EGHI.BGL" (Southampton airport). To solve any conflict with the VFR Airfields Southampton, you need to remove that file (or backup to a stored location). You need to do the same thing for all airports that conflict.

    If you get struck with the process, then please use the forum for help.

    Scenery problems - Black or Blue Demo Box

    A black box has appeared using my Xtreme range product, why?
    Please uninstall and download the latest version, that should solve it
    I have activated, but the Demo box is still there, why?
    Check first you don't have 2 installation of the Product, if you cannot resolve it contact support

    Scenery problems - Poor FPS (Frames per second)

    Why is it so slow around Heathrow Airport using VFR Airfields?
    Please see this webpage

    Lost Products-Keycodes and Activation problems

    I need to download my product again, what do I do?
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  • I have the product, but lost my keycode/activation code, what do I do?
  • For all products, please login to your account
  • My email activation is not accepted, what do I do?
    Please use your email that was used to purchase the product, but if this is not accepted, please fill in this form and we will sort it out:
    I have just purchased, but my email is not accepted, why?
    There is delay between purchase and your email being added to the system. In some situations the server may lose the information. Please wait 24 hours after purchase, and then try again. If your email is still not accepted please
    When installing an Xtreme product, I click activate and nothing happens but I get this, why?
    The program is trying to call 'Internet Explorer'. Your windows has a fault that is stopping this from happening. Please use the alternative 'activate of remote PC option'

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